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Sawtry Community College
Fen Lane
PE28 5TQ
Telephone: 01487 830701
Fax: 01487 831679

Acting Principal:

Mrs Sarah Wilson




Who to contact if...?

There will be occasions when parents and other parties will wish to contact the school.  To put you in touch with the most appropriate person and ensure a quick response to your enquiry, please use the contacts below.  We shall endeavour to acknowledge all calls, letters or e-mails within 24 hours and respond to the enquiry within 48 hours. 

Please remember that teachers are not easy to contact by telephone during the school day, as they will be teaching, in meetings or preparing work.  You may find it more convenient to send an e-mail to indicate in the subject box “For the attention of….”.  E-mails are forwarded to staff regularly during the school day.

Contact by e-mail
To contact a member of staff by e-mail on any matter, send the e-mail to indicate in the subject box “For the attention of….” naming the link person below.  Please remember that the more information you give, the quicker the school will be able to respond.

OR.. If you wish to contact a form tutor directly by email, then use the links provided on the Contact Form tutors Page.

After School Activities
There are many activities for students taking place after school.  For enquiries regarding PE Clubs or sports fixtures please check our Sports News page for details. For all other enquiries contact the School Reception on 01487 830701.  Please note that the Reception Office is open from 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 4pm on Friday.

For enquiries about your child’s attendance, contact Ms Cadogan 01487 830701 ext 113. To report a student's absence please call our dedicated Absence line: 01487 833709.

Change of Contact Details
To ensure efficient communication between parents and the school, accurate contact information is crucial. Please inform the college of any changes immediately in writing or vie email to

Careers Information , Advice and Guidance
To make a careers appointment with the Connexions Advisor please call Mrs Ford on 01487 830701 ext 112.  she will be happy to organise this appointment on your behalf.

To make an enquiry about year 9 Options and related Careers Advice to support this process please call Mr Parsons (Options).

For general information about the Information, Advice and Guidance provision at the College please call Mr Parsons

Community Facilities
For enquiries about using the Community facilities at the school, contact Mrs Dixon on 01487 830701 ext 136.

To enquire about any matters regarding your child’s examination entries or results, contact Mrs Boyles or Mrs Edwards on 01487 830701 ext 120.

Finance Office
To enquire about financial matters affecting your child contact Mrs Killner or Mrs Goodwin on 01487 830701.

Principal and Leadership Team
Every child and parent has a right to discuss any issue which they wish to raise with the Principal or another member of the Leadership Team.  However, in general, it is advisable to talk to other staff who have a direct involvement first, and can usually respond and resolve the issue raised more quickly.  If the outcome is not satisfactory, and you feel that all routes to a solution have been followed without success, members of the Leadership Team can be contacted via e-mail as above or by contacting Mrs Wilson on 01487 830701. She will then be able to forward your enquiry to an appropriate member of the Team who will normally respond on the day of the enquiry or within a maximum of 24 hours.

To speak to the school librarian during College hours, contact Miss Joyce on 01487 833887.

Lost Property
To enquire about an item of lost property, contact Mrs Bean or Mrs Markwell on 01487 830701 ext 166/132. Please note that all named lost property will be returned to the relevant student during school hours.

To advise the school of a medical issue regarding your child, or make enquiries about medical provision, contact the First Aider Mrs Bean on 01487 830701 ext 166. To download a medication consent form <click here>


My Child is absent

Please call the dedicated Student Absence Reporting line: 01487 833709. Please note that a written note or an email is still required after your child's return to College.

New Admissions
For enquiries about admissions, including making appointments to speak to Mr Parsons, Acting Deputy Principal responsible for admissions, contact Mrs Milne on 01487  830701.

Off Site Activities
Sawtry Community College organises a variety of learning activities which take place off the school site.  If your child is involved in such an activity and you have an enquiry, contact the teacher responsible, via the School Reception on 01487 830701, or by e-mail Additionally details of fixtures are also to be found on our Sports News page.

Special Educational Needs
For specific enquiries about your child, or for general enquiries about Special Needs provision at Sawtry Community College, contact Miss Hunstone on 01487 830701 ext 285.

Student Welfare
To speak to your child’s Form Tutor about any matter referring to their welfare or to discuss any concerns you have about your child’s progress, contact the College on 01487 830701.

To speak to your child’s tutor, please contact the School Reception on 01487 830701.