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Careers, Support and Life Choices


In a complex and changing world all young people need access to good quality, comprehensive and impartial Information, Advice and Guidance commonly referred to as IAG. Effective IAG helps young people make the right learning and career choices so that they can succeed in work and education. For individuals good quality IAG can make the difference between happiness and misery: between success and failure.

“Information, advice and guidance” is an umbrella term. It covers a range of activities and interventions that help young people to become more self-reliant and better able to manage their personal and career development, including learning.


It includes:

• the provision of accurate, up-to-date and objective information about personal and lifestyle issues, learning and career opportunities, progression routes, choices, where to find help and advice, and how to access it
• the provision of advice through activities that help young people to gather, understand and interpret information and apply it to their own situation
• the provision of impartial guidance and specialist support to help young people understand themselves and their needs, confront barriers, resolve conflicts, develop new perspectives and make progress
• support for curriculum development


Every Child Matters
Information, advice and guidance helps young people to:

Be healthy – by helping young people to review and assess their decision making and goal setting in relation to health issues
Stay safe – by giving young people opportunities to reflect on risk and behaviour
Enjoy and achieve – by helping young people to set priorities for learning, work and leisure and to develop a work life balance
Make a positive contribution – by helping young people to be active citizens, who are actively involved in their communities
Achieve economic well-being – by challenging aspirations and helping young people to progress into further learning, training or employment and to realise their potential.


For current job vacancies for Years 11,12 & 13:

Current Vacancies <Click here>

Current Apprenticeships <Click here>


Video clips that are worth a look..

Explore Life’s possibilities on

There are hundreds of career films and features from real people in real jobs, sharing their life stories to give you ideas and inspiration for the future – icould- it shows what you can do. <Click here to view>


Watch films about hundreds of Possible Jobs.

Use this website to keep you up to date on the latest careers related news and information, via video's on hundreds of different careers. Hear from people in those careers now and learn what qualifications you need to get there.

Visit CareerBox Now:

Over the last few years Careersbox has been providing a free careers service to schools and careers professionals with great success. They also offer a Parents’ Careers Club, providing free work related film content, covering hundreds of different employment and training opportunities throughout the UK.

For Parent Club link:

A careers focused website for young people aged 13-16 that highlights career and higher education opportunities specifically tailored to a student's preferred subjects and hobbies.

A careers focused website offering online testing to help choose and follow a career.


"Not Going to Uni" Workshop

Bernie Carter, Careers and Education Advisor for Peterborough City Council ran a "Not Going to UNI" workshop. Click here for a copy of his powerpoint presentation.


Student Booklets to support education and career choices

Relevant to Year 9
Which Way Now?: Choosing Key Stage 4 Options <click here>

Relevant to Year 11
It’s Your Choice: How to choose your Post 16 options<click here>

Chartered Institute of Marketing Prospectus, <click here>

Subject choices Gifted and Talented; Further and Higher Education <click here>


Free 50:50 Magazine Careers & Lifestyle - The Essential Guide to Careers & Courses

Follow the link for free subscription:

Established in 2003, 50:50 Magazine is available nationally throughout the UK and is available through schools, colleges, Connexions and direct subscriptions. The editorial has a 50:50 split between important career information and raw lifestyle content. Supported by a combination of industry specialists, institutes and skills councils presented in a lively, easy to read format which represents our readers in their lifestyles, trends and movements.

To receive your FREE magazine subscription simply email us your postal address or send us your email address and you'll get a link to our latest issues - (published 3 times per year Jan/May/Sept).


Really useful Links

(The following Links were provided by Cambridgeshire County Council.)

Education and Choices

General information on education, qualifications, finance and more.
Local Courses and training opportunities.
General Information plus specfic help on Year 11 and Year 9 Options.

Higher Education

For higher education course information and applications
UK's official graduate careers website
Information on funding for higher education
Lets you search, review and compare subjects at universities and college open days
Searchable database of university and college open days.
Details on gap year projects and opportunities.

International opportunities, just a small selection of the websites out there

International Careers
The Guide to Long-Term Jobs Abroad
The National Life Work Centre is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to work with a range of partners to develop services and materials to help Canadians of all ages.  
The National Career Development Association (NCDA) is a division of the American Counseling Association (ACA). The mission of NCDA is to promote the career development of all people over their life span  

Free Time

Volunteering website for young people in England
National database of volunteering opportunities


National Health Service Website
Online health information and advicefor teens
Specific section for teens on health issues
Staying safe online
Help for those with eating disorders
Drugs information
Information and advice on love, sex and relationships
Guide for young people in Cambson a range of health issues.

Housing, Law And Your Rights

Information from Citizen Advice Bureau
Information on housing issues


Financial advice for young people
Financial advice for young people
Details of financial support if you stay in learning
Click on 'Money' for info on Tax, National Insurance, Budgeting and more.


Can also call 0800 11 11
Advice and support for those being bullied
Website from CRUSE Bereavement Care for young people.
Support for young people discovering their sexuality.


Cambridgeshire Bus Times
Plan your journey by rail or bus

Work, Training And Careers

Information plus searchable database of Apprenticeship vacancies
Details of local vacancies for young people
For details of local training providers
Vacancies for those aged over 18
For those interested in self-employment
Help for those starting a business
Kudos an internet program which is designed to give you career ideas.  It can also help you find out how suitable your own career ideas are

Digital Careers

One stop UCAS style system for those who do not wish to go to university
Careerscape an internet program to help you with career ideas

(Please note that if you need a username or password to access some of the above sites facilities - they can be issued at the college)


Key Dates


Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12

Year 13

Access to a Connexions Advisor and the Careers Library

1st Half Autumn Term

Introduction to the year and awareness of the careers library and Connexions service avaliable in school


Introduction To Work Experience

Core Studies Careers Module: writing up of Enterprise, skills recognition

Induction to year 12-workshops, taster subject lessons and external speakers.

Confirm Enrichment Option

Introduce to Cambridge University weekend taster.

Time management.

Study plans

Introduce the University Award

Course confirmation process, early success indicator feedback

Re-Issued with login to Kudos & Careerscape ~ Career information websites

Confirm course changes.

Confirm Enrichment Option.

AS examinations- January re-sits.

Monitor students re the UCAS process, writing personal statements and obtaining references.

How to research a University course.

Workload- Time management.

University Open Days
Introduce the University Award

2nd half Autumn Term

Introduction to Key Stage 4 Options process

1st Profile
AFL discussion.

Re- issued with login to Kudos & Careerscape ~ Career information websites

Access to Connexions during Tutor Evening

Deadline for Work Experience Private Placements is usually in early December

1st Profile
AFL discussion.

Introduction to Post 16 Applications

Re-issued with login to Kudos & Careerscape ~ Career information websites

Year 11 subject intervention and whole school target groups identified

1st Profile
AFL discussion

Mock Exams

Discussion re taking a GAP year in the future-options available.

1st Profile
AFL discussion.

Discussion re Career choice.

Professional Work Shadowing through enrichment
Student Survey

Independent study
University Award

Study planner for Christmas break

Personal Statements- progress.

References- progress.
January exam entries -revision.

1st Profile
AFL discussion

Progress of University Open Day visits.                                    

Student Survey
Workload/ Planning/Revision discussion

1st half Spring Term

Core Studies Careers Module: My Brilliant Career, Career Opportunities, Budgeting

Continuation of Key Stage 4 Options process plus parent information evening

Issued with login to Kudos & Careerscape ~ Career information websites

Personal Learning Plans with Tutors

Full Report plus Parent’s Evening

Deadline for all Work Experience paperwork is early January

On going opportunity to revisit Plan It ~ Career Planning Software

2nd Profile
AFL discussion.

Full Report plus Parent’s Evening

Post 16 guidance interviews for those applying to SCC Sixth Form

Support for students to career plan if not returning to SCC Sixth Form


Professional work shadowing through enrichment

Independent study discussion

2nd Profile
AFL discussion.


Monitoring offers from Universities.
Finance guidance – University


2nd Profile
AFL discussion.

New Horizons Careers Evening ~ Information, Advice, Guidance and Careers (March)

2nd half Spring Term

Finalisation of GCSE Option Choices

3rd Profile
AFL discussion

Personal Learning Plans Reviewed with Tutors

3rd Profile
AFL discussion

Intervention Days, study skills support

3rd Profile
AFL discussion



Mock Exams
3rd Profile expectations
plus Parent’s Evening

Exam entries

3rd Profile expectations

Reflection on offers in light of Jan results

Exam entries

Finance, accommodation and UCAS.

Full Report plus Parent’s Evening

1st Half Summer Term

4th Profile
AFL discussion.

Core Studies Careers Module: Preparing for Enterprise & Work Experience

Full Report plus Parent’s Evening

4th Profile
AFL discussion.

Time management

AS examinations

Full Report
AFL discussion.


Check entries for June exams

AFL discussion.

2nd Half Summer Term

5th Profile
AFL discussion.

5th Profile
AFL discussion.

2 Weeks Work Experience

External Examinations

Reflection on year 12

Professional Work Shadowing week.

5th Profile
AFL discussion.

UCAS research
Higher Ed fairs

University visits, some students apply for summer schools

Preparation for year 13

External Examinations

Results Day

Advice & Guidance for Post 16 Destinations

Advice & Guidance for Year 13 Courses

Advice & Guidance for Post 18 Destinations